Business Testimonials

  • Testimony - Shayna Howitz

    I was introduced to SevenPoint2 at just the right time in my life. My husband and I have owned our ranch for 25 years, but we were hit hard in the economic downturn starting in 2008. I'd been in network marketing off and on for over 20 years, and in September 2013 I was open to looking at this young company. I was excited about SevenPoint2 and their unique product line. It's incredible to be able to share this Opportunity, providing a simple and easy way for people to regain their health and build true wealth with SevenPoint2. The product quality is exceptional, and the Training Events really help my team to duplicate and grow their businesses.

    Reaching the position of Diamond has given us financial peace of mind for our future. This next year I plan to help as many people as possible take control of their health and reach their financial goals with SevenPoint2!

    - Shayna Howitz, Diamond Team Leader

  • Testimony - Juliana Benner

    Hello, I’m Juliana Benner from Boise, Idaho and I became a Black Diamond in just over 20 months! SevenPoint2® was definitely not something I was looking to do, join “yet another” network marketing company. But after doing my research, seeing such amazing, pure, organic, vegan, raw ingredients, with zero gluten and soy, I was EXCITED! After tasting the products, I was IN!!

    By following the SevenPoint2® system, I have enjoyed wonderful SUCCESS! I lead by example and show my team that participation in training events, corporate calls, Health Made Simple Parties and personal recruitment are all vital to success. The SevenPoint2® compensation plan rewards well too - I have surpassed my main business’s monthly earnings- and I did that in over just a year’s time, sharing 7.2 PART TIME!! I also drive a beautiful white Audi thanks to the Elite Car Club bonus! Join me - it’s FUN helping others get healthy and wealthy!!

    - Juliana Benner, Black Diamond Team Leader

  • Testimony - Julie Heida

    My name is Julie Heida and I LOVE SevenPoint2®!

    In 5 months I achieved the level of Ruby Team Leader, and am now a Diamond Team Leader after only 8 months! I have never been involved in network marketing before and I love this industry. The 7.2 products have changed my life, and now the business has as well. SevenPoint2® has allowed me to experience freedom in a lot of areas in my life. I am currently shopping for a new Range Rover, a luxury I never thought I would have at 27 years old. I credit my success to the amazing leadership team , the leaders in the field, and the EVENTS! After attending my first Regional Training my team nearly quadrupled in sales. I do not miss events, and I always bring my awesome team to the trainings with me. Getting people to local events and having Health Made Simple parties has been crucial in growing my business. I am pumped for the future and look forward to helping people alkalize their bodies, minds, and become financially free.

    - Julie Heida, Diamond Team Leader

  • Testimony - Judy Stallcop

    My name is Judy Stallcop, and I was introduced to SevenPoint2® by a friend in 2011, after an emergency abdominal surgery and subsequent repairs did not heal well. As I searched for answers to my post-surgical issues, I began using the SevenPoint2® flagship product Recovery with HydroFX®. Amazing results followed in a short time.

    As I learned more about the SevenPoint2® product line and business opportunity, I became excited and joined them as an Independent Global Associate. In a short time, with the proper leadership, support, and excellent company training, I built my business to the "Platinum" level and I qualified for the Elite Luxury Car Bonus. I now drive a gorgeous white Mercedes Benz! Thank you SevenPoint2®!

    - Judy Stallcop

  • Testimony - Leslie Stodard

    "Hi, my name is Leslie Stoddard, I'm 26 years old and I'm originally from Boise, ID. I joined SevenPoint2 in November 2012 and at that time I was a college graduate, but I found myself being a full time cocktail waitress. I have always had an interest in health and wellness and spent my free time as a consumer advocate. The SevenPoint2 opportunity was just what I was looking for, even though I had never been in the network marketing industry. This seemed to be the perfect way to supplement my income, bring value to others, and pursue my passion.

    8 months later I found myself going full time with SevenPoint2 after I achieved the rank of Diamond, thanks to the outstanding efforts of my teams across the nation. On January 1st, 2014 I was offered the opportunity to work in Miami, FL with some of the top leaders in the industry. Now I live on the inner-coastal waterway in South Florida, the beach is across the street and I'm on the market for a new Audi A4.

    I'm living a life I had only dreamed of thanks to SevenPoint2! Making health simple has never been easier, more fun, or more rewarding and the best part is...I just got started making my dreams come true!"

  • Testimony - DJ Ahn

    Korean Leadership team DJ Ahn receives his $25,000 bonus check for the achievement of Black Diamond in 30 days, from Sevenpoint2 CEO Jason Boreyko, as his wife Mrs. Ahn and Korean Leader Andy Yi join Jason and DJ.

  • Testimony - Mike Zanardelli

    "I'm Mike Zanardelli from Newport Beach California. I've spent 19 years in the industry of Network Marketing with great success but never feeling like I was in the right company.

    When Dr. Howard Cohn introduced to me the idea of Alkalinity and Health made simple with Sevenpoint2, I knew it was the right opportunity.

    When the company launched in 2011, I was able to reach the level of Black Diamond in my first 30 days with an outstanding team of people. I have qualified for the car bonus every month and recently was able to buy one of my dream cars, a Cadillac Escalade "sittin on 22's". Earning a full time income with Sevenpoint2 can make dreams come true and in January of 2014 I was able to move to Florida and get a condo with 180 degrees of water views.

    I would like to thank Jason Boreyko, Dr. Howard Cohn and Philip Townsend for creating The Opportunity of a Lifetime for a dreamer like me."

    - Mike Zanardelli

  • Testimony - Oscar and Carrie Jo Alcoser Testimony - Oscar and Carrie Jo Alcoser

    At first our goal was to get our health back, share the opportunity and be of service. When we realized what a great business opportunity this was with the Scientific Miracle of Recovery with Hydro FX we knew we had to get serious about spreading the word, take advantage of first Movers Advantage and help take this worldwide!!

    We are truly blessed to be able to work as a couple, in a home based business like this and gain appreciation for each other daily, as we get to "grow" in the business together. We reached Black Diamond in 9 months, through setting goals together and holding each other accountable to those goals with a consistent focus, determination and faith that we CAN do this! The Car Bonus was an added feature that got us the beautiful Mercedes Benz we always wanted!

    We have an Attitude of Gratitude for our leadership, our incredibly passionate and talented team, products and opportunity. If we can share one thing that made our business skyrocket, it's we stopped believing we couldn't have success and we started believing that we CAN have success in our lives.

    - SevenPoint2 Black Diamond Couple Oscar and Carrie Jo Alcoser

  • Testimony

    "Ever since enduring chemotherapy for cancer 5 years ago, I have become passionate about health. My good friend Darla invited me to the launch of Sevenpoint2 in Oct. 2011. I was impressed with what I saw and heard on stage, so I changed my initial order to a bigger package. Within 16 days my volume was greater than $12,500 and I earned the platinum car bonus, and subsequently the fast start bonus. As I continued sharing the Sevenpoint2 products, both myself and my friends experienced increased energy, weight loss and overall well-being. Ten months later, with the addition of Recovery with Hydro FX, I achieved the rank of Diamond.

    I thoroughly enjoy driving my Mercedes--not only because it's a great car--but because I earned it this time rather than my husband. I enjoy living the SevenPoint 2 lifestyle and sharing the products with everyone--because I believe that everyone can benefit from using them. I also look forward to sharing the business with more who are passionate about health and wealth like I am. I am confident that my dream of taking my 21 grandchildren on the Disney cruise will come true because of Sevenpoint2. I am grateful to Dr. Cohn for these amazing products. To Jason Boreyko for his dream and vision for the future. To Philip Townsend for his incredible training. To the phenomenal staff at Sevenpoint2 that makes it all possible. I feel blessed to be a part of the SevenPoint 2 family."

  • Testimony - Joe

    I was introduced to SevenPoint2® by a trusted friend at just the right time in my life. I had been looking at Network Marketing companies for several months, as they seemed to offer the perfect home based business model. I was fed up with being a cog in the corporate wheel - I spent years getting nowhere in a corporate job, then became the hardest working (and lowest paid!) employee at the company I owned. I was looking for a better opportunity, one that would allow my wife and me to achieve our dreams. I looked at many network marketing companies, but was generally left feeling disappointed by the companies and by the low quality products they offered. I knew when I saw SevenPoint2® that I had finally found a company that met my high standards for product quality, and that I could confidently promote the products and the opportunity to others who were also looking for a better lifestyle.

    Soon after I began taking the 7.2 products, I broke all of my personal best athletic records. I was hooked! I was thrilled to finally find a company and a product line that my wife and I could stand behind.

    By following the SevenPoint2® system, we have been able to achieve the rank of Diamond Team Leader - and we did this in a country that is brand new for us, where we had no warm market. I am now able to work from home on my own schedule, allowing me to enjoy daily surfing, kiteboarding and more quality time with my family. I also drive a beautiful, kick butt Range Rover thanks to the SevenPoint2® Elite Car Club Bonus!

    My wife and I look forward to a future of travelling the world, running our SevenPoint2® business from wherever we happen to find ourselves and helping others to achieve their health and financial goals.

    - Joe Rogister, Diamond Team Leader

  • Testimony - Corey

    Corey & Michelle McIvor hail from Perth, Western Australia. Australia’s entire population is 23.13 million - less than 1% of the USA population, and less than half of South Korea's - yet they were the WORLDWIDE TOP ENROLERS for SevenPoint2® in December 2014. How did they accomplish this?

    “We chose to create massive excitement, using the holidays as a springboard. We used the fact that people come together at Christmas and over indulge, then they set New Year’s resolutions that they hope will really last to our advantage.

    Our mentor Philip Townsend, who recently traveled to Australia to share his experience with us said, "follow the system, get Fast Track qualified and out enrol your team - they will duplicate what you do". Well, Michelle and I took it one step further and out enroled every member of SevenPoint2® WORLDWIDE. Duplicate THAT, team!

    At first I thought our success was based solely upon the results people were receiving from the products. As it turns out, our success is a combination of great leadership, massive action, willingness to be coached, a mission we can believe in, a great compensation plan and the amazing 7.2 product line. Seriously, if we can achieve this success, you can do it too!”

    - Corey and Michelle McIvor, Ruby Team Leader

  • Testimony - Peter

    I first tried Recovery with HydroFX® as an athlete - when I tried the product, I was pleasantly surprised that my body was able to recover faster and I was therefore able to train more. After my positive experiences with the product, I met with David Marsalek and learned about the SevenPoint2® Opportunity. After attending the Leadership Meeting in Las Vegas (USA), I returned to Europe determined to start my new business.

    I have always liked to help people, and this quality helps me to be successful with SevenPoint2®. No business is easy but I believe strongly in what I am doing, and I believe in the products which I am promoting. I am finding great business success with SevenPoint2® . I have qualified for the Elite Car Club Bonus and am enjoying a beautiful Mercedes Benz as a result. Of course, I would never have succeeded on my own, I needed the help of other people to achieve my success. Not only the people who I work with, but also my satisfied customers. These people are a very important advertisement for both me and my products. I stake my business on quality, not quantity. I would like to thank all of the people I have in my team, because this is our joint success. Together we will spread the message of an alkaline lifestyle through Europe.

    - Peter Krnač, Ruby Team Leader

  • Testimony - Radim

    I had worked in the Health industry for over 9 years when I began to feel that it was time for a change. After meeting David Marsalek and hearing about his vision for SevenPoint2 in Europe, I knew this was the change I was looking for.

    In hindsight, I can only say that I made a fantastic decision. My wife Ilonka has joined the business with me, and we are building with our children’s futures in mind. We have seen the products improve the health of those around us, and we receive a lot of positive feedback from our family and friends. We have also benefitted financially, and I have earned the Elite Car Club Bonus which allows me to drive a beautiful Audi.

    Ilonka and I are grateful for this opportunity. We are pleased to be part of the SevenPoint2® team where we can fulfill our dreams.

    - Radim and Ilona Kutnohorsky, Ruby Team Leader

DISCLAIMER: The income and success stories are individual and do not represent any guaranty of income or success with the company or compensation plan.